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The Green Position Food

Balanced nutrition

A modern society which does not spend a cent more than it has to on food and argues for months over the financing of fruit in schools is setting the wrong priorities. The race to the bottom on food prices has extremely adverse consequences: imitation cheese and ham, compressed fish masquerading as prawns – the list could go on. Industrial food processing is on the wrong track. Factory farming and artificial foodstuffs concocted in laboratories are putting additional pressure on our food culture. However, the reports about these and other nauseating products have alerted many consumers to the problem, and more and more people are now demanding healthy, tasty and natural foods.

A food revolution

Good food is an important political issue which deserves greater awareness. We Greens are the only party to put the food revolution on the policy agenda. From organic farming to innovative nutritional information: we stand for tough standards of consumer protection and healthy food from the outset.The labelling regulations for genetically modified foods – meat, cheese and fresh milk – are just one example.

We wantorganic foods for everyone , along with comprehensive information for consumers. We do not want genetically modified and toxic foods on anyone's plate. We aim to safeguard compliance with food legislation by means of a "smiley" system. In schools, there should be a healthy lunch available for everyone to share.

There is one weighty issue which has now expanded into a problem for society as a whole: the increasing trend towards obesity. Around two million children and young people are overweight or obese. That is why we are calling for traffic light labelling of nutritional information. The red, amber and green lights on the pack provide clear and simple guidance for anyone wishing or having to change their eating habits. Consumers can see at a glance which foods contain large quantities of fat, sugar and salt, making it easier to make healthier choices.

The Green pledge

We Greens learned the lessons of the BSE crisis in 2001 and took practical action with the establishment of a new Ministry for Consumer Protection. Since then, we have consistently introduced consumer issues into the political debate. We remain committed to this issue and will continue to work in the Bundestag for more consumer protection and a sustainable food policy.