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The Green Position Media

Participation, Diversity, Quality, Sustainability

Equal access to a wide range of information is a basic prerequisite for self-determined participation in democratic life. Green media policy aims to safeguard this access.

For example, all citizens should have access to a fast broadband Internet connection. It is important to expand the broadband network now, so that it is capable of meeting all the requirements of Internet services that are likely to arise in the foreseeable future. It must be affordable for everyone and should also extend to sparsely populated regions, so that they are not excluded from the communication flow. Today's digital divide should not become tomorrow's social division.

"We are overnewsed but underinformed"

Whether operating a PC, participating in social networking or researching information on the Internet – the diversity of technical and information services available today requires good media society skills. In view of the sheer volume of information and communication options, it is essential to be able to filter out what is genuinely important and what is not. Sparing use must be made of personal data, and Internet tools must be used in a targeted way. All these aspects must be included in media education. Media society skills are a challenge for every generation. They must therefore be taught in nurseries, schools and youth centres, as well as in continuing vocational education and training.

The Internet can make life easier and facilitate social participation. For many people, however, the siren call of life online has devastating consequences: they become addicted. We Greens want media dependency to be recognised as a separate, non-substance-related form of addiction.

We want a diverse and independent media landscape. Global media corporations, media mergers and infrastructure providers which also produce content are putting diversity at risk. We want to prevent all forms of control over public opinion – whether it comes from television corporations, newspapers, Google or infrastructure providers.

We want to promote diversity through a variety of independent services – also on the Internet. This includes public service content that is funded from licence fees, as well as blogs and forums, which should not be weighed down by liability requirements.

For us Greens, the solution to the media crisis is not to make press mergers easier. If we want to maintain quality and diversity, more holistic solutions must be found. We Greens want media diversity, with quality taking precedence over quantity. That is why we are firm advocates for independent journalism.

The green digital world is not only diverse; it is also sustainable. Energy efficiency is only one element here. From a green perspective, damage to the environment and health caused by the manufacture of mobile phones and PCs is unacceptable, as is shipping electrical and electronic waste half-way round the world – all in the name of development assistance – for it to be dumped in landfill. We are working forsustainable IT and communication solutions, not short life cycles and an oversupply of gadgetry.