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The Green Position Peace and Security

Alliance 90/The Greens stand for a proactive and forward-looking peace policy. Like many others, we believe in the vision of a world without war and violence. Wherever people are oppressed or live in fear and hardship, or wherever their livelihoods are being destroyed, we have an obligation to take action.

Global threats such as climate change, resource scarcity, poverty and the build-up of weaponry cannot be solved at national level or by military means. In order to safeguard the prospects of finding peaceful solutions, the causes of crises and violence must be identified and addressed at an early stage. International politics should not be determined by the principle that "might is right", or by national economic self-interest. We Greens are committed to international law and the collective safeguarding of peace within the United Nations framework. These are our guiding principles.

More than any other party in the German Bundestag, we are therefore actively committed to:

  • forward-looking and effective non-military crisis and conflict prevention;
  • global disarmament and a ban on arms exports to crisis regions;
  • effective multilateralism, especially the strengthening of the United Nations and the European Union.

War and violence are always terrible. They inflict great suffering on ordinary people and obstruct the development process in numerous countries. In order to translate the principle of non-violence into proactive policies, we need appropriate resources and structures. At present, civil crisis prevention capacities are inadequate to meet real needs. This gap must be closed. Germany's Federal Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr, can make an important contribution to curbing violence and safeguarding peace in individual cases within the United Nations framework and under a UN mandate, so we are not opposed on principle to deployments of the Bundeswehr outside Germany as a last resort. However, such deployments must be embedded in a broader political strategy and must be part of the solution. We are firmly opposed to reckless military undertakings such as the Iraq war, and we reject the deployment of the armed forces to safeguard resource supplies. We also condemn the wider deployment of the Bundeswehr at domestic level and efforts to weaken the Bundestag's role in decisions concerning armed forces deployment. The Bundeswehr must remain a parliamentary army. For us, the principle of internal leadership is non-negotiable. This must continue to be the standard and the guiding principle.

Germany needs new structures and instruments to enable it to respond to today's peace and security policy challenges.

  • With its 250,000 military personnel and 100,000 civilian employees, the Bundeswehr is oversized. It must be reduced in size, compulsory military service must be abolished because it is unfair, and defence planning must be decoupled from prestigious industrial policy projects.
  • At the same time, we need to give fresh impetus to the development and expansion of a non-military crisis prevention infrastructure. More resources and better structures are crucially important here, along with more personnel and a rapidly deployable pool of experts, e.g. from the police and justice sector. Women's participation in peace processes and the promotion of civil society actors are particularly important in this context.