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The Green Position Pension

Green pension policy stands for ….

... pension insurance that people can rely on. The pay-as-you-go system of statutory pension insurance is – and must remain – the centrepiece of security in old age. We want to develop statutory pension insurance further, however, because even now, it does not adequately protect some groups of people from poverty. The number of people guaranteed a pension which will provide more than the basic level of protection in future is steadily decreasing.

... a system of pension insurance that provides protection from poverty. The SPD-Green coalition government took the first step by introducing a basic incomefor retired persons and people with permanently reduced earning capacity. Now, this basic income must be increased to a level compatible with genuine social participation – which means at least 420 euros. So as the next step, we want to introduce a "guaranteed pension", so that lower earners, part-time workers and people with breaks in their employment history, as members of the statutory pension insurance scheme for many years, are not dependent on basic social security benefits after retirement. Citizens must be able to rely on an adequate income in their advancing years.

... retirement provision that is sustainable and takes account of the population's age structure. That was why the SPD-Green government stabilised statutory pension insurance (1st pillar) and expanded company and private retirement schemes (2nd and 3rd pillars), and it is why we also supported an increase in the retirement age to 67 and are working for more labour market participation for older persons. However, we also need more flexible options for transition to retirement and more protection for people who are unable to work through to statutory retirement age.

... pension insurance which gives everyonethe same rights and responsibilities . We want to extend compulsory membership of the pension insurance system on a progressive basis so that everyone is covered. More people are now working on a self-employed basis, at least some of the time, and often do not make adequate contributions during these periods. As a result, many of them are not protected from poverty in old age. This also creates a problem in terms of the financing of pension insurance, due to the shortfall in contributions.

... pension insurance which no longer makes a distinction between East and West. We are working to ensure that all the key factors governing entitlements to, and calculation of, pensions are harmonised soon. This applies especially to the pension value, the calculation of earnings points, and the contribution assessment ceiling.

... pension insurance which enables women and men to build up their own independent entitlements. To that end, we want to make income splitting obligatory during marriage, not only upon retirement. Month for month, couples' joint accrued rights should be credited to their pension accounts on a 50-50 basis. The widow's pension should be reduced proportionately as women build up their own entitlements.