Grüne Tulpe - Zitty


Since the NFL season has not started yet, the most famous Monday Night Football in the world right now is without a doubt the Grüne Tulpe playing at the Poststadion. This week the Tulpe's opponent was the magazine Zitty.

The magazine is known for its restaurant and movie critiques as well as, informing Berliners about the local party scene, but their team did not seem to be a group of wine drinking opera critics, on the contrary, they were poet warriors on the soccer field. The first half was hard fought as both teams tried to gain the advantage.

The Tulpe had to work hard to move the ball in front of the goal. After a beautiful combination of passes Marek Dutschke had a huge chance to put the Tulpe ahead, but was unable to place the ball in the net from short distance.

Finally, half way through the first half, the Tulpe was able to put pressure on the Zitty's defense and after their defender lost the ball, Simon Bruhn was in prime position to score in the lower left corner, Bruhn has had an uncanny ability to put himself in position to score goals all season long. 1:0

Yet, not long after Bruhn scored, Zitty was able to score the equalizer after a costly mistake in the Tulpe's defense. 1:1

In the second half the intensity increased as both teams looked to score the go ahead goal, but to the Tulpe's dismay it was Zitty that struck first blood.

The Tulpe's defense led by Stefan Witt and Markus Meyer, had been playing superbly, Zitty had great difficulty getting good chances in front of the goal, but small mistakes proved fatal as a lost ball led to a Zitty striker. The striker crossed to a teammate, and a Tulpe player used the chance to intercept the pass. Unfortunately, what started as an interception ended as an own goal: 1:2. Yet, once again it would be Simon Bruhn to the rescue, who scored the equalizer for the Tulpe after the goalie was unable to hold on to the ball. 2:2

The final goal of the match would be very controversial. With time running out in the game, the ball was kicked up field, a player from both teams went for the ball and crashed into each other.

They both fell over like a tree during a hurricane, anyways as both players were lying on the ground, Andre Bornstein seized the moment and raced with the ball toward the goalie and scored.

The Zitty players claimed they had stopped playing, because both players lay on the ground. The referee had decided to keep playing, because their had been no foul, so the ball was still live and Bornstein's goal was legitimate.

Thus, the game ended 3:2 for the Grüne Tulpe and they were able to end their two game losing streak.